About The Lindenhurst BID

Lindenhurst BID is a business improvement district that helps new businesses succeed in Lindenhurst, a growing, vibrant community. We attract merchants, increase foot traffic, and help businesses grow and thrive. We also help build the community by supporting local businesses and residents. Our goal is to create a vibrant community where businesses can flourish and everyone can enjoy the benefits of a thriving local economy.

The primary goal of the Lindenhurst Business Improvement District is to expand sustainable economic activity in historic downtown Lindenhurst, create and expand businesses, and develop jobs for the community. The BID aims to improve the business for merchants, draw attention and traffic to historic Downtown Lindenhurst, attract new merchants that will complement and improve the commercial landscape, and create a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

Apply for funding

We assist businesses and property owners in the business improvement district with projects that improve and/or upgrade their business properties. The B.I.D. provides “matching fund” monetary assistance for projects that meet certain criteria as established by the B.I.D.

The Lindenhurst business improvement district is a team of dedicated individuals who work together to enhance the economic development and well-being of the Lindenhurst community and its businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Lindenhurst BID is to expand sustainable economic activity in historic downtown Lindenhurst, help businesses succeed, and bring more people to the community. We are providing a way for local businesses to flourish, bring in more customers, and contribute to the growth of our neighborhood.

Our Goals

From our earliest days, we’ve believed that success comes from being open and connected to the people around us. We see community as more than just a place–it’s an essential ingredient in everything we do. Giving back is not only the right thing to do, it also makes us better businesspeople and citizens.

Lindenhurst BID Boundaries

Wellwood Ave.
Start at 437 N. Wellwood Ave. heading south to Montauk Hwy.

Hoffman Ave.
From the East side of S. 5th St. to the West side of Delaware Ave.

Our History

Lindenhurst, NY has a long history dating back to the 1600s.